marcus messmer
wolfikon 115
8514 bissegg tg
t: +41(0)79 411 59 21
kopf, 2005
höhe: 47 cm
foto: peter schälchli
text english:
wooden sculptures from a single
filigree figures cut with a chain-saw
marcus messmer finds the materials
for his distinctive objcts of art in the
forest. he only uses trees brought
down by storms and wind or that have
been released for chopping into wood
by the forest ranger. nature provides
the starting materials, inspiration is not
far behind, and the work of art is produced
on the ground.
during the creation process the aim is
to reproduce the organic unity that
combines both nature and art.
groups of filigree figures are produced
under the bold grip on the chainsaw,
emerging from aut of the bulky lumps of
wood. they are mainly tall, slim figures,
wich seem to bend easily in the wind and
draw the gaze of the onlooker, like silent
witnesses of an archaic civilisation.
their chapped, natural exteriors bear
testimony to the skilles notches and cuts
made with the saw, and onlooker can hardly
refrain from the sensual pleasure of touch.
you can feel the strength and the work in
the wood. the individual structural quality
of the wood gives each sculpture its own
aura, and each piece accentuates the space
surrounding it in its own inimitable way.
marcus messmer is a master of knowing
how to make a surprising and impressive
statement and at developing a new language
of form using the properties of the material.
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